Google DSC workshop

KABUO/Ground-1 - KABUO Computer Lab (Kabarak Online)

KABUO/Ground-1 - KABUO Computer Lab

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Action on google

Actions on Google is the platform for developers to extend the Google Assistant. Join this emerging ecosystem by developing actions to engage users on Google Home, Pixel, and many other surfaces where the Google Assistant will be available.

    • 14:00 15:00
      What we will kearn 1h

      Understand how Actions work.
      How to create a project in the Actions Console.
      How to create a Dialogflow agent.
      How to define training phrases in Dialogflow.
      How to test your Action in the Actions Console Simulator.
      How to use Dialogflow slot-filling and system entities.
      How to implement Action fulfillment using the Action on
      Google client library and the Dialogflow inline editor.

      Speaker: Philip Matunda (Kabarak University)
    • 15:00 17:00
      Introduction to Mobile Apps

      we'll cover android studio and the way one can earn through android application in the playstore.
      we shall all learn some xml and java for making app responsive