Deep Dive Hands on AI

KABUO/Ground-1 - KABUO Computer Lab (Kabarak Online)

KABUO/Ground-1 - KABUO Computer Lab

Kabarak Online



There is a lot of excitement around AI and plenty of events being held to introduce enthusiasts to the basics in the field. However there are now lots of tutorials that are quite capable of effectively handling the onboarding process onto AI. What is critically lacking for new learners is that next step where they have an opportunity to be challenged beyond the basics, a chance to get their hands on some real life challenges with real data from actual practitioners,  a chance to showcase their projects and greatest of all a chance to see what AI is used for in the ‘real world’.

Event Objectives

Kabarak University wishes to host an event that will give young Computer Science, Information Technology and Business students a chance at going beyond the basics. A chance to take a deep dive into AI under the capable guidance and mentorship of their seniors in the practice


The specific objectives of the initiative that we are calling ‘Deep Dive, Hands-on AI’ are as follows;

  1. To introduce the students to the  theoretical and mathematical foundations of AI.
  2. To introduce the students practically to a variety of AI techniques using Tensorflow.
  3. To challenge the students to put their knowledge and skills to practice with some daily hackathons.
  4. To provide an opportunity for students to showcase their interesting AI projects to each other and expert mentors.
  5. To provide an opportunity for students to interact with expert AI mentors for inspiration and guidance.  

Event Format

The event will take the form of a workshop with sessions for lectures, labs, hackathons and talks.

Event Prerequisites

You need to have earned the following badges in order to be considered for the event

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - IBM Digital Nation Africa – 1 Badge – 10 hrs ...
  2. Statistics 101 - Cognitive Class   - 1 Badge – 6 hrs ...
  3. Applied Data Science with Python – Cognitive Class - 2 Badges – 23 hrs ...