14-15 October 2019
KLAW - Conference Center
Africa/Nairobi timezone

Kabarak Conferences 2019

Scientific Programme

  • Psychology and Counselling


    Multidisciplinary lenses in the counseling profession, counseling research and services for special interest groups, issues and challenges related to the counselors and psychologists act-2014, quality of life and mental health, cross-cultural dimensions of mental disorders, psychology in politics and international issues, school environment and childhood disorders

  • Media and Mass Communication


    Media ownership in digital age, trust in the age of social media, contemporary media and communication landscape, research and innovation in mass communication, libel, slander and ethics in the digital age.

  • Language and Linguistics


    Research in any area in theoretical or applied linguistics, emerging issues in linguistic research in areas such as computational linguistics, Forensic linguistics, clinical linguistics, and others

  • Theology and Religious Studies


    Christian Morality and Holistic Learner, Church and Technology, Church Response to: a)      Social Issues, b)      Economic Issues and c)      Political Issues, Christianity in the Age of Modernity, The Gospels: the Case for Reliability,    Wrong Doctrines and its Impact on the Family, Economy and Social Life. Forgiveness and reconciliation, the role of CRE in inculcating morals in schools in Kenya, The theology of handshake and ethno-political conflicts, church sponsored schools and discipline of students, cultic movements and their impact on society.

  • Education and Pedagogical Practices


    Curriculum reforms in Kenya: implications for education, ICT for 21st century learning, Creativity and Innovation in Education, Use of Social Media in Education

  • History and Humanities


    Indigenous knowledge systems, culture and religion, social integration, colonial and post colonialism, theories of historical change; Food security and Famine.

  • Literature and Creative Arts


    emerging trends in Modern Literary Work, Modernism in Oral Literature, Literary Stylistics, Children Literature, Challenges in Publication of Literary works, Modern Poetry, Emerging Issues in Literary works

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Management Systems


    Quality in Higher Education, Measurement and Evaluation, Monitoring of Quality in Teaching and learning, Effective Quality Management System, Role of Quality Management System in Quality Education

  • Emerging and cross cutting issues