Challenges facing curriculum implementation in early year education in Rongai subcounty

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Abstract for Research Paper Contemporary Education Reforms


A Research paper for the conference in School of Education, Kabarak University.
Oct, 2020
LECURER DR Lydia kobia

This study investigated the challenges facing implementation of cbc in early year education in Rongai subcounty.The objectives of the study wereTo determine the influence of teacher competency and preparedness in early years of education in Rongai sub county,To establish modalities of assessment evaluation, grading and promotion of learners in early years of education . To assess suitability of school and class environment in implementation of CBC curriculum in early years of education and To ascertain availability and suitability of instructional materials in schools offering early years of education in Rongai sub county.
The respondents included 120 teachers,15 head teachers and 4curriculum support officers who were randomly selected. The data were collected through, observation schedules, interview schedules. The collected data were then analyzed using the SPSS method.
The findings indicated that the majority (82) of the interviewed teachers and head teachers in the schools says that curriculum cannot be fully implemented because of lack of suitable instructional materials . In addition, the majority (80%) of the teachers have not been properly trained on how to teach the new system and are faced with challenge of covering the syllabus,60% of the teachers confessed that they are not sure on modalities to grade and position students. In view of these findings, it is recommended that the government through the ministry of education should embark on thorough teacher training and try to avail teaching materials to meet the recommended ratio of at least one book for every child.
Keywords:Early year education, curriculum implementation, assessment criteria and grading.

Primary authors

Simion Sitonik (education) Dr Lydia Kobia (lecturer)

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