Challenges facing curriculum implementation in early year education in Tiaty subcounty

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Abstract for Research Paper Contemporary Education Reforms


A Research paper for the conference in School of Education, Kabarak University.
Oct, 2020
This study investigated the challenges facing cbc implementation in early years education In Tiaty sub-county. The specific objectives of the study were to determine teacher preparedness, physical infrastructure, parents illiteracy level and ignorance and effects of cattle rustling and nomadism in competency based curriculum implementation
The respondents included 150 teachers, 30 head teachers and 100 parents who were randomly selected from 30 primary schools found in Tiaty region of Baringo county . The data were collected through, observation schedules, interview schedules and review of documents. The collected data were then analyzed using the SPSS method.
The findings indicated that the majority (80%) of the interviewed teachers and head teachers in the schools says that curriculum cannot be fully implemented because teachers have not been thoroughly trained on the new education system. (78%) of the of the parents are illiterate and most of them are not well conversant with the cbc thus cannot give any assistance to their children The class rooms and toilets are not enough and in poor condition thus affecting teaching and hygiene emphasized by cbc In view of these findings, cattle rustling menace impacts curriculum implementation in the selected schools in that the environment for learning is not conducive due to regular attacks. In view of these findings, it is recommended that more security personnel should be deployed in Tiaty sub-county to curb the insecurity problems, Teachers should be in-
service on cbc training.
Keywords: cattle rustling, curriculum implementation, early year education .

Primary authors

Dr lydia Kobia (lecturer) Mr Simion Sitonik (education) Mr Edwin Taiwa (Education)

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