Influence of Appropriate Instructional Resources on Retention of Pupils with Disabilities in Mainstreamed Primary Schools in Bomet County, Kenya

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Abstract for Research Paper Current Issues in Education Management and Planning


This research sought to investigate the influence of appropriate instructional resources on retention
of pupils with disabilities in mainstreamed Primary Schools in Bomet County, Kenya. The problem this study sought
to address was low retention of Pupils with Disabilities (PWDs) in mainstreamed schools. This study was embedded
on Systems Theory by Bertalanffy (1968). It adopted survey research design. The target population was 840
teachers. Yamane formula was used to get a sample size of 271 teachers. Multi-stage sampling procedure was
applied. The findings of the study revealed that appropriate instructional resources significantly influenced
retention of PWDs by = 42.1% (p<0.05). The study also reports positive and statistically significant relationship
between appropriate instructional and retention of pupils with disabilities (r = 0.842; p<0.05). The study concludes
that appropriate instructional resources positively and significantly influence retention of pupils with disabilities.
Therefore, when appropriate instructional resources are provided, retention of pupils with disabilities increase and
conversely, in the absence of these resources, retention of pupils with disabilities will be challenging. The study
recommended that appropriate instructional resources such as textbooks, supplementary curriculum support
materials, learning devices or aiders including braille kits, printouts, pointers, embossers friendly to pupils with
disabilities be supplied to improve their retention in mainstreamed primary schools.
Keywords: Appropriate, Resources, Instructional, Retention, Disabilities.

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