The New Normal in Education: A case of Covid-19

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Abstract for Research Paper Current Issues in Education Management and Planning


The outbreak of the Corona Virus of 2019 (Covid-19) has affected life in every facet. By August 12, 2020, globally there were 20 330 351 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 742 413 registered deaths. The United States of America (USA) shows a record of 10 976 368 confirmed cases with 164 537 deaths and Africa has 1 065 544 cases with 23 858 deaths. Europe and Asia are bleeding greatly too. The globe is in a panic mode because there is no Covid19 cure or vaccine. To control the spread of the virus many countries instituted economic lockdowns and isolation of patients. Thus, to survive the COVID-19 one has to adopt a new lifestyle which is the ‘New Normal’ (NN). Currently, taking people’s body temperatures has been the prerogative of medical personnel and now it is also assigned to security guards at the entrances of buildings to ascertain the first symptoms of Covid-19. Actually, NN is an innovative form of ‘Survival for the fittest.’ Considering Newton’s third law of motion ‘for every action there is a reaction in the opposite direction, but with similar magnitude,’ the NN is the human race reaction to counter the effects of Covid-19. Thus, one is obliged to wear face masks, wash and sanitize hands, eat well, and keep social distancing. While these procedures are necessary for survival, they present challenges and opportunities in education. Challenges may require institutions to increase the number of teachers and infrastructure to ensure social distancing. Conversely, the new setting creates opportunities for learners to get more attention since there will be fewer learners per teacher. The NN may ensure more learner support through virtual teaching and learning. How the NN will be manifested in education in developed and developing countries remains a subject of study, at least, for now.

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