The Systematic Errors of English L2 among Luhya L1 Learners in the Course of English Article System Acquisition

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Abstract for Research Paper Current Issues in Education Management and Planning


This paper is a product of a study carried that was out examining the type of systematic errors learners make when learning the English article system in secondary schools, conducted in Vihiga County, Western Kenya.. The study was guided by fluctuation hypothesis and full transfer /full access hypothesis. A mixed method approach was employed. The study sample included 24 students. The data collection instrument was a story-telling task. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and thematic analysis. The study revealed various types of errors. Thus, it is recommended that teachers adopt an eclectic approach in teaching the English article system. Theoretically, the study contributes to the advancement of knowledge about the teaching of the English article system.
Key words: English Article, systematic errors, second language, second language learning.

Primary author

Ms Mary Khejeri (Mount Kenya University.)

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