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Abstract for Research Paper Modern Instructional Practices in Higher Education


Handling the rich children on matters of education.The rich families are facing many challenges and they becomes much stressful everyday not that they lack expensive vehicle's like V 8, No it is not that. In fact they have very many vehicle's on their home yard beautiful classics bungalows parking area. The parking area consist of heavy vehicles such as the new hurriers, Prado's , brand new Mercedes bench. They drives and exchanges this vehicle's just like some of us exchanges their clothes everyday.Rich tycoon families lives in the most fantastic magic massions made up of pure imported glasses. The environment around the mansions is very cool, pleasant attractive and most comforts area for one can imagine to live on. In other words the places are recommended for stress management due to its unique nature of the place.When I grow up I wants to build such houses like it is a dream of everyone who is going through education. Education is a tool of changing life.However children's from this rich families causes this parents to be full of stress and tears mostly the mothers finds themselves shedding tears everyday.. This childrens despite of a lot of resources in the family they perform so poorly, becomes so indiscipline and most of them engage in drug abuse. Below is a research studies carried out among the rich families and corrected the data concerning their children performance in education and causes of their poor performance and finally the recommendations to help a " poor" rich kid.measure to take for the current improvement of educational using new reforms and modern instruction in education especially for post covid19

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