Teacher-Educators’ Confidence and their Level of ICT Integration in Public Primary School Teachers Colleges in Kenya

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Abstract for Research Paper Modern Instructional Practices in Higher Education


The study sought to establish the relationship between teacher-educators’ confidence and their level of ICT integration into teaching in public primary school teachers colleges in Kenya. The simple random sampling technique was used to select six teacher training colleges in Kenya and 169 respondents who participated in the study. Data was collected using a questionnaire, an interview schedule and an observation schedule. The data collected was analyzed descriptively with the help of SPSS program version 22.0 for frequencies, means, standard deviation and percentages. The inferential statistics used to determine relationships among variables was the Pearson moment Correlation. Regression analysis was used to determine the best predictors of ICT integration among the independent variables.Findings indicate that there is a low level of ICT integration in teaching in all teacher training colleges. The hypothesis test showed a significant relationship between teacher educators’ level of ICT integration in teaching and their confidence. It was thus recommended that ICTs’ integration be made part of undergraduate training in universities in order to equip future teacher educators with ICT skills; the government should equip teacher training colleges with sufficient and modern computers with internet connectivity to enhance access; colleges should provide in-service training on ICTs for teachers; colleges should hire technicians to maintain and service available ICTs; the ministry of education should embrace ICT and demand professional documents from teacher educators be typed and sent online; colleges should not rely only on government funding but earn their own income by initiating ICT training centres to train outsiders in their colleges, and, finally, all college principals should be knowledgeable in ICTs so as to support ICT initiatives in teacher education institutions.

Primary author

Dr Bernard Chemwei (Senior lecturer)

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