Situational Barriers affecting Postgraduate students in a private university in Kenya

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BY TIKOKO betty Jeruto

This study investigated situational challenges affecting postgraduate students in a private university in Kenya. It was motivated by the low completion rates in postgraduate studies with many students completing their studies far beyond the stipulated time period. Since the institution was deemed to be supportive of postgraduate studies by providing adequate support, it was found necessary to investigate situational challenges that could hinder students’ progress. Using a sample of 20 postgraduate students, a survey was conducted by means of a questionnaire. Data analysis was done using SPSS. Frequencies and percentages were the statistics used to make related findings and interpretation. It was found that students experienced work related challenges and distance to consult supervisors were the greatest challenges. However, students reported high self confidence that they could complete their studies on time and possessed adequate proposal/ thesis writing skills. It was therefore concluded that student counseling services be provided by the institution to adequately guide the students in balancing work and studies. Online supervisory platforms should also be provided to address the time that students took to travel to meet with their supervisors.

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