Mission and Traditional Tugen Culture of Kenya: A Critical Theological Study in Biblical Christianity by Dr. Japheth Kigen and Dr. Esther Kibor

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Doing effective mission within the Traditional Tugen Culture is critical because it is difficult to avoid. This will require dynamic dialogue with supra culture of biblical Christianity. The issue of reconciling the Christ mission with the traditional Tugen culture is a big challenge. Christ dialogue with the cultural setting of his day took several characteristics: affirmations, reconstructions, compromise and opposition. The same will also apply to the Traditional Tugen culture.
A traditionalist Tugen will always seek to have a good harmonious relationship with supernatural Being and other spirit-beings whose intention is to attain certain powers for his survival. Relationship with supernatural being is illustrated by the web of interrelationship of beings: God, divinities, spirits, man and living and non-living things. These interrelation poses an extremely difficult to escape from the mission of Christ with the facts of Traditional Tugen Culture. In our evaluation of culture, three issues come to stake as regards to culture: Is culture Godless in regards to the mission of Jesus Christ? Is culture anti-God of our Lord Jesus Christ or is culture idolatrous? What is wrong following the command to trust in God alone? How can we make Christ to be relevant in the lives of people in the Traditional Tugen culture.
Poor contextualization in handling the traditional Tugen culture will lead to syncretism especially when Christians lean towards traditional Tugen culture due to the fear of the spirit world, but those Christians who have a solid foundation in sound biblical Christianity will have very little influence from a traditional Tugen culture. In the Catholic Church, elders still bless guests in a traditional way. This piece of work intends to provide a road map of doing effective mission within traditional Tugen culture in light of biblical Christianity

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