Towards a Secure RFID Micro-controller Based Media Integration Auto- Stream Framework for Car Packing

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Over time there has been many approaches for innovative electronic car park parking system that provisions car parking services but haven't offered the ultimate solution for drivers, municipalities, and private parking lot owners. However this solution will be an alternative by enabling drivers to be guided when parking their cars at the exact place in a specified period of time, it will also simplify the monitoring and also intelligence gathering of parking occupancy. It will be built-in with a powerful RFID based micro-controller functioning as a vehicle parking meter, The framework will also provide an efficient alternative to barcode readers which are often expensive and cannot be used innovatively for automatic redirection of cars to the exact empty lot. Also, it will be simple and cost-effective to implement and operate as a standalone system or alongside traditional parking payment systems that owns his vehicle parking tag. This tag contains information that are necessary for communication with the car park system. The RFID tag readers will be fixed at the entrance of the car parking space. he has to show his parking tag before the reader before parking. The reader reads the in time of the car and passes the data to the parking system. When the car exits out from the parking center, the driver once again has to show his card so that the reader records the out time now. Checking the in and out times, the parking system schedules for vacant spaces and also takes images and video of cars approaching and when exiting. The information regarding a particular car will then be provisioned on the interface of the main car parking system as a display from the monitor.

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