Kabarak University International Conference On Environmental Sciences And Energy - 2020

John Jackson Kitetu (Kabarak University)

Welcome to the Kabarak University,  School of Science, Engineering and Technology Annual International Conference

The School of Science, Engineering and Technology wishes to call for research papers documenting novel and empirical works for presentation at the Kabarak University International Conference On Environmental Sciences And Energy.

Conference Tracks

1. Emerging Issues and Practices in Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Management.
2. Environmental Management Considerations for the Big Four Agenda.
3. Sustainability in Natural Resource Management.
4. Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals.
5. Emerging and Cross-cutting Issues in Environmental and Energy Management.
6. Environmental Law and Conservation and Use of Environmental Resources

Conference Objectives

  1. To create a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on contemporary issues Energy and Environment.
  2. To provide a forum for discussion on the impact of technology and innovation, national policies, national and global trends on Energy and Environment.
  3. To provide for intellectual exchange on opportunities and challenges presented by new technological developments and innovations.
The agenda of this meeting is empty