Communication and Elections: Their Synergy

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Abstract for Research Paper Media and Conflict Sensitive Journalism During and After Elections.


Communication influence on the electorate‘s attitudes and perception has inspired interest and research than the impact on its electoral process. Hence communication encompasses on such influence on who wins and who loses. Traditionally, communication in electioneering period is divided into two component areas visa vis producing campaign messages and the impact of these produced messages on the predisposition of the voters and their actions. Because the production of campaign messages is crucial in political communication and propaganda generation, then there is always a synergy between communication and elections. Therefore political communications is all about news and advertising on political campaigns and political processes which result in electioneering mandate. Communication creates a relevance of observation in politics where political personalities are obviously the central attention. The personal attributes of political party candidates are perceived by voters through communication. Their decisions are independently shaped by this kind of political communication hence influence on their voting behavior. This paper seeks to emphasize the connection and interdependence between communication as a tool and elections as the political process. The role of communication in any democratic process is unquestionably central. Any political system needs a better communication system through communication tools so as it may stand firm.

Primary author

Nyaruri Okinyi (Independent Researcher)

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