Politics in Digital Age: Impact of New Media in Political campaigns in Politics.

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Abstract for Research Paper New Media Use in Political Communication During Electoral Processes.


Digital revolution has necessitated extensive changes with significant results in politics worldwide such as increased public’s access to information, generation of political ideas and expanded civic engagement and social networking among civic members and political class. Political institutions are largely seen entirely depending on new media technologies. These technologies of new media shape politics and the political landscape of given area. New media technologies are recognized as having powerful influence on the civic more so in accessing the information, political campaign content such as party manifestos, voters’ attitude and preferences of parties and candidates. Many political analysts assert that democracy requires active participation of citizens (voters) through various new media platforms. New media is widely viewed most influential in politics especially in political campaigns. In this digital era where new media has transformed political campaigns, its worthy to look at the how new media has impacted political campaigns in development of political campaigning and electioneering period of any democracy. Many changes have been triggered in campaign strategies of political parties, candidates and political organizations. Elections media coverage has been reshaped and this has influenced voter engagement. This paper will examine the stages in development of new media in political campaigns and elections in terms of their form functions and identification of audiences for new election media and highlights its impact on voter engagement during the process of political campaigns.

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Nyaruri Okinyi (Independent Researcher)

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