The intercourse on sex and alcohol in Gikuyu contemporary music

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Poster Emerging and Cross Cutting Issues in Music and the Performing Arts


As has been established in previous studies, Gikuyu music akin to other music's, projects an expressive persona tackling a variety of issues from a didactic point of view. Among the myriad of issues dealt with, this enquiry premised itself upon the music's discourse on sex and alcohol. To achieve this the researcher set out to find out how the musical text addresses the issues of sex and alcohol and how visual expression in the music videos canvasses issues of sex and alcohol. The study was premised on structuralism theory and was based upon qualitative methodology in design, sampling, data collection and analysis. The discourse raised herein will go a long way in advancing the analytical narratives on indigenous musics of the Kenyan people and their significance in adumbrating the inflections of the everyday dynamics in the society.

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