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Call for Abstracts

School of Music and Performing Arts (SMPA), Kabarak University,wishes to call for papers documenting innovative and empirical research initiatives for presentation at the Kabarak University International Conference on ‘Refocusing Music and Other Performing Arts for Sustainable Development’

Conference Theme

Contemporary challenges and innovative prospects in Performing Arts Industry


Music and Performing Arts Education

Instructional and pedagogical issues in music, dance, elocution, drama, and theater; Creative Arts Curriculum development contemporary debates; Performing Arts Education for adults and Special needs children; Administration, adjudication, and organization of Arts; Performing Arts and education reforms, Performing Arts training Institutions; Contemporary challenges and prospects in Performing Arts Education.

Research and Performing Arts

Research methodology in music, dance, elocution, drama, and theater; publication and knowledge dissemination in the arts disciplines; research policies and intellectual property rights in the Arts disciplines, Conference organization and collaborative research, Research funding for Performing Arts; Copyright laws and issues of plagiarism; Contemporary challenges in field research.

Performing Arts and Technology

Technology and innovation in Performing Arts disciplines; Performing Arts and digital technology; Players in recording industry versus performing Artists in entertainment Industry; Marketing, Concert (festivals) organization, acoustics and performance issues; Quality versus mediocrity; Censorship and rights to information; Performing arts and media politics; Performing Arts and globalization; Contemporary challenges and prospects in Performing Arts and technology.

Performing Arts and Environment

Performing Arts and health, Contemporary issues in Music Therapy, Community Music
and environment; Sound and pollution; Musical instruments, props, visual aids and
consumes versus environment; Performance arenas, theater halls, Organizations and
Associations for Performing Arts; Contemporary challenges and prospects in Performing Arts and Environmental management.

Performing Arts and Society

The role of music, dance, drama, elocution, and theater in the contemporary society; Performing Arts and Culture; Performing Arts and gender issues; Performing Arts, language and Communication; Archiving of and historical resources in Performing Arts; Performing Arts and cultural preservation and conservation; Performing Arts, National cohesion and resource use management.

The call for abstracts is closed.