In Search of the Spirit of Education: A paradigm shift from memorizing to pass exams to becoming an Avid Reader

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It has been a journey! It is a journey!
This paper is my testimony. I speak of a journey which has paid off, a journey which is still continuing, a journey from a world of memorizing to pass exams to becoming an avid reader . This paper is from a different worldview, from the lenses of a student, from the lenses of a student.
The theory of the “idle student” is one I have in mind. Our university students, who are the future of our republic have been left in the hands of fate. This paper aims to explore this theory and its effect in regards to educated unemployment. It will answer the questions: Who is an idle student? What is the theory of an Idle student? What can be done.
The paper will then further expound on the effects of memorisation on students and give recommendations on how to remedy the same and will also share with the audience what Kabarak Law School has implemented in order to achieve the student centred mode of teaching, its success and failures.
The journey is going on, a shift in culture takes time but it is achievable. Memorizing to pass exams is the ghost that haunts the corridors of our universities.
Key words: Paradigm shift, reading culture, memorizing, idle students, student centred teaching.

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