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Abstract for Research Paper Information Security



At the present day, solutions for user authentication are insecure and have been hacked frequently especially the use of passwords. Biometric authentication is a good solution as it provides unique identification of personalities. It includes solutions as fingerprints, Iris recognition and voice recognition. Voice recognition system changes the human voice into signals which can be comprehended by machines which would be a computer, typewriter or even a robot. Voice recognition algorithms are used day by day; they use algorithms to convert the sound waves into helpful information for handling which is then deciphered by the machine. A portion of these machines utilize more seasoned algorithms while the more up to date algorithms utilize neural networks to interpret this information. These systems then produce an output generated in the form of text to be used. A lot of training data is needed to make the algorithms function effectively. This paper analyses and provides a review of the current voice algorithms used for user authentication. In addition the paper will provide an assessment of the algorithms, implementation and conclusions.
Keywords: Voice recognition, algorithms, user authentication,

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