Scientific Programme

  • Music and Performing Arts Education


    Instructional and pedagogical issues in music, dance, elocution, drama, and theater; Creative Arts Curriculum development contemporary debates; Performing Arts Education for adults and Special needs children; Administration, adjudication, and organization of Arts; Performing Arts and education reforms, Performing Arts training Institutions; Contemporary challenges and prospects in Performing Arts Education.

  • Research and Performing Arts


    Research methodology in music, dance, elocution, drama, and theater; publication and knowledge dissemination in the arts disciplines; research policies and intellectual property rights in the Arts disciplines, Conference organization and collaborative research, Research funding for Performing Arts; Copyright laws and issues of plagiarism; Contemporary challenges in field research.

  • Performing Arts and Technology


    Technology and innovation in Performing Arts disciplines; Performing Arts and digital technology; Players in recording industry versus performing Artists in entertainment Industry; Marketing, Concert (festivals) organization, acoustics and performance issues; Quality versus mediocrity; Censorship and rights to information; Performing arts and media politics; Performing Arts and globalization; Contemporary challenges and prospects in Performing Arts and technology.

  • Performing Arts and Environment


    Performing Arts and health, Contemporary issues in Music Therapy, Community Music
    and environment; Sound and pollution; Musical instruments, props, visual aids and
    consumes versus environment; Performance arenas, theater halls, Organizations and
    Associations for Performing Arts; Contemporary challenges and prospects in Performing Arts and Environmental management.

  • Performing Arts and Society


    The role of music, dance, drama, elocution, and theater in the contemporary society; Performing Arts and Culture; Performing Arts and gender issues; Performing Arts, language and Communication; Archiving of and historical resources in Performing Arts; Performing Arts and cultural preservation and conservation; Performing Arts, National cohesion and resource use management.